From left to right: Priscila, Ivis and Athena.

The Witches' council were the supporting characters of the second season of Grachi.


The council consists of Priscilla, Ivis, and previously by Athena, who was expelled for her actions for being selfish and cruel. They are the directors of the school of magic. They are responsible for monitoring the witches and the guardians on Earth. They chose Grachi to be the chosen one.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite Grachi being the chosen one, the three are proven to be much more powerful than either Grachi, Matilda or Mia. Ivis' magic is Magenta lightning, while Priscila has Sapphire lightning and Athena has Ruby lightning, but sometimes uses pink puff smoke like Mia. Also, each witch has their own TV screen where they reside. They also have the ability to see what's happening on Earth. Also, they have the ability to take another witch's powers.



The leader of the three. She has a neutral attitude, always following what is right. She is also the serious among the three.


The Happy-Go-Lucky witch. She is the witch who looks out to positive situations. One time, her screen was destroyed by Mia and had to move in with Athena



Athena is the evil witch among the three. When she fell in love with Grachi's father, Francisco, she pretended to be a school inspector in order to get close to him. She later planned to destroy Ursula and Francisco's wedding. In one episode, she was kicked out of the council after threatening to lock Grachi in a different world and after both Ivis and Priscilla found out about her evil schemes. After leaving the council, she plots a revenge plan against Grachi and Francisco. She also forms an alliance with Mia and Leo after both lovers had through with their crushes. She is described as cunning by Demetria, her arch rival.