Grachi council

There were three council members which are consist of Ivis,Priscilla,Athena.They are the directors/principals of the school of magic.They also are the ones who monitors every single witch.They also have their screens where they always hang out.They are also the most powerful witches more powerful than grachi,mia,matilda

The colors of their powers

Ivis-magenta lightning,Priscilla-sapphire lightning,Athena-ruby lightning


Ivis-She is the leader of the counccil.Always very serious.was once a teacher of mia.always follow what is the right

Priscilla- She is the most childish member in the council.a happy go lucky person

Athena-She is one of the council until Ivis,Priscilla knew that she trapped demetria,She is the Evil Witch in the council.She also fell in love with franscisco (grachi`s father/ principal).She petende to e an school inspector.She was kicked out of the council.Later on she ruined ursula`s wedding because she loves franscisco.But Later on she was defeated by matilda