Hi Grachi Fanatics! It's me,Alexa,and I am creating my 1st blog post

Made Up Spells:

Go to the east,go to the west,go ahead and whack the pest.

Left and right,tell me the words to write.

Bricks and stones,her tone will be a chipmunk's tone

I've already seen,I want my shoes to become color green

Pitter pat,may I have a beach hat.

September,October,November,I want a glass of water.

Bad Spells for Bad Witches like Mia

Flowers that bloom,you'll be entering the black hole of doom.

Clippers and tweezers,icebergs and glaciers,put her head inside the freezer.

Leaping lizards,give me a strong blizzard

Bye!I'm updating this....I think next Saturday or Sunday.See you next time!


Believe in Magic

Sorry if there are only a few spells.

Tips for Creating Spells:

1.Use my Spell Creator or Spells page to create a spell.

2.Think of 2 or 3 rhyming words.

3.For Spell Creator,type your spell under My Made Up Spells section.

4.For the Spells,type your spell under the comments.

5.Now you've created your own spells.

Hope you like it!