• Alexa The Grachi Fan

    Continuing the story...

    Sabrina:Ok..I'll try to cast first a spell,(casts)I have golden teeth,I wish to wear my green shoes now on my feet!(reveals green sneakers)Why did it turn?

    Teacher Anna and class:(shocked)

    Sabrina:(casts)You see me, now you don't,I want to be at the back of the door in the front!(teleports)

    Sabrina:Phew,that was close.(walks away)

    Teacher Anna:Grrr!That nasty kid.I'll come back.

    Empress:Talk to Alisa now,she has troubles in her powers,and,why did you lose your powers?

    Sabrina:Sorry,because Teacher Anna reveals to be a witch too,and casted me to let me lose my powers,but my powers were still there.How could that happen?šŸ˜•

    Empress:šŸ˜®I forgot to mention,you are The Chosen One.You have a 10-mile radius of power.So you cannot be dā€¦

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  • Alexa The Grachi Fan

    Once upon a time,there was a girl named Sabrina "Princess" Firebliss.She lives with her insane older brother,Alex,her mom,Catherine,and her dad,Max.She has 2 best friends,Holly and Adyson.She lives at the city of Sweetwater.She studies at Sweetwater University.Her biggest enemy is Jessica Parker.

    Sabrina:(in an angry tone)Hi Jessica.

    Jessica:So I've heard that you are also entering Kid News.What are you applying?

    Sabrina:Journalism for Standard Students,why?



    Jessica:Oh..that.I also applied that subject.

    Jessica:Bye Sabrina!See you later and text you tom..

    Teacher Anna:Jessica Parker!Go to your class now!


    Holly and Adyson: Did you see that Sabrina?She got humiliated in front of the whole class!ā€¦

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  • Alexa The Grachi Fan

    Hi Grachi Fanatics! It's me,Alexa,and I am creating my 1st blog post

    Go to the east,go to the west,go ahead and whack the pest.

    Left and right,tell me the words to write.

    Bricks and stones,her tone will be a chipmunk's tone

    I've already seen,I want my shoes to become color green

    Pitter pat,may I have a beach hat.

    September,October,November,I want a glass of water.

    Flowers that bloom,you'll be entering the black hole of doom.

    Clippers and tweezers,icebergs and glaciers,put her head inside the freezer.

    Leaping lizards,give me a strong blizzard

    Bye!I'm updating this....I think next Saturday or Sunday.See you next time!

    Sorry if there are only a few spells.

    Tips for Creating Spells:

    1.Use my Spell Creator or Spells page to create a spell.

    2.Think of 2 or 3 ā€¦

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