Mercedes "Mecha" Estevez is one of the main characters of Grachi and the secondary  tritagonist in season 1 and tritagonist in season two and tetiary tritagonist /primary secondary charactar in season 3


Mecha is Grachi's fearless MAPS (stands for BFF in English). Mecha is fun and impulsive. She's savvy, sarcastic and a little cynical. She often teases Grachi about being cheesy, but wishes she were as optimistic as her friend. Mecha wants to be fashion designer, but soon learns she's part of a mystical world far beyond her dreams.She became leader of the red panthers after Matilda left.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mecha has olive skin, brown hair and hazel eyes. Her hair became ombre during the second season. She is much shorter than her best friend.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mecha is a human, but she is also a guardian, a person who is in contract with the Witches' Council and is responsible for a bad witch's behaviour. Also, she has a huge knowledge about magic and witches, which she uses whenever Grachi can't figure out anything.



Mecha is Grachi's best friend. They help each other when they are in. She is very loyal to Grachi, never leaving her side especially when Grachi needs her. She is always with her. Mecha is Grachi's Guardian in season one, but in season 2 Mecha had to become Mia's Guardian. Their friendship was temporarily shattered when Matilda casts a spell on the two of them so they can hate each other. But along the way, Mecha and Grachi tend to get along once again. Like Grachi, Mecha can't stand Matilda and the Panthers.


Mecha seems to get along with Daniel, even supports her best friend in being with him. However, whenever Grachi and Daniel would have a problem, she is always there to help her.


Chema is Mecha's love-interest during the first and second season. According to him, she is his Anagram. In season 2, their relationship had a really serious breakdown. However, they once again reconcile during the climax of the season.



Mecha highly dislikes Matilda due to her bad behaviour towards her. Sadly for her during the first season, she lived with her because her mother works for Matilda's mother. Her best friend Grachi, also disliked Matilda because of her attitude. Her mother is Matilda's guardian.


Mecha never trusted Mia when she became "friends" with Grachi. When Grachi became enemies with Mia, Mecha becomes her guardian, after finding out that guardians are assigned to evil witches. Mia has cast a spell on Mecha in order for her to look ugly in Chema's eyes.